Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching views the person as a whole whose different elements influence each other.

Our expertise, combined with a multidisciplinary approach, allows us to offer you a global accompaniment centered on the 4 fundamental dimensions of the Human Being:

  • Physical: listening to your body and becoming aware of what it is telling us.
  • Emotional: learning to decode and accept our emotions
  • Intellectual: determining the best strategy to overcome and solve a difficulty or a questioning.
  • Spiritual: to become aware of our uniqueness as human beings and of our link with other living beings, nature and the various visible or subtle elements that make up our environment.

Through these different dimensions it tends to an alignment of the being in its search for meaning. That of one’s existence, of one’s reactions and behaviours, of one’s choices and non-choices, of one’s relationships to oneself and to others.