Energetic Work

Energy treatments harmonize and balance the energy flow of the body and the spirit. It releases knots and blockages, just as mental as physical.

This work activates a harmonious flow of energies, allowing us to move towards and reach an overall balance.

It provides both support and assistance to improve our health, relieve our pain, and promote the self-healing process. It also helps us cope with difficult moments by helping to rebalance our energy and ease our tensions.

By whom?
Viktoria started her journey by delving into the world of healers. In this universe, she discovered skills that led her to follow various teachings (shamanism, accompaniment of souls, geobiology, lithotherapy, use of the pendulums and various other techniques) for over 15 years, until she was recognized as a shaman by her peers in Mongolia.

Everyone is free to pay the amount of his/her choice according to his/her possibilities and realities.

The meetings are held in Anières

Tél  : +41 (0)79 203 80 00
Mail  : viktoria@esprit-entente.ch