We intervene in this context either as an individual mediator, or together, as co-mediators.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process of conflict management whereby parties seek the assistance of a neutral, independent and impartial person, the mediator. His role aims at helping people to reach, by themselves, with full knowledge, a fair settlement that respects the needs of each of its participants.

Mediation is based upon the free undertaking of its participants. Full confidentiality and its neutral setting favor the expression of facts and feelings. It creates a new way of listening and a better understanding between everyone.

Compared to other methods of conflict management, mediation is quicker, less expensive, more flexible and respectful of the parties’ relationships.

Practically, mediation is a two-step process:

  1. Private meeting which aims at identifying the issues and preparing joint meetings
  2. Joint meetings during which people exchange their points of view and elaborate solutions that conform to their mutual interests.

Depending on the needs expressed by the participants, joint sessions can also be organized immediately.

/ Family mediation
/ Workplace mediation
/ Commercial mediation
/ Judicial mediation
/ Group mediation
/ Neighborhood and lease mediation