An Alert Launcher or “Whistleblower” is a person who reports irregularities of which he is aware of in the course of his work.

These irregularities may also relate to legal offences as well as violations of internal rules concerning problems of loyalty, respect for organisational values, behaviour (psychological/sexual harassment…), etc.

A Bill from of the Federal Council, relating to the «whistleblowing is currently in consultation.

According to this standard that should soon enter in force, any denunciation must first follow the internal alert procedure of the company before it can, under certain conditions, be brought before an external authority or, as a last resort, to public awareness through the media.

In the absence of an internal alert procedure, the company runs the risk of seeing the alert Launcher go directly outside.

We deliver our entire integrated know-how to our clients via an individual, needs-oriented approach.

1) Assist you in setting up a procedure to deal with denunciations.

The establishment of a whistleblowing process involves 3 steps:

  • Define types of irregularities and internal rules which may be the subject of a denunciation;
  • Set alert procedures;
  • Train all employees in this new corporate culture.

2) Act as an external alert receiver organ