The objective of Naturopathy is to search for the root causes of the disorders you suffer from and to correct them in depth by stimulating your body’s self-healing processes.

The main tools of naturopathy are nutrition, phytotherapy (mother tincture, EPS, spagyrie, gemmotherapy, Bach flowers …), micronutrition (oligoelements, Shussler salts, vitamins ..), as well as a personalized support to help you rebalance your whole organism, on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels..

Naturopathy is particularly recommended for (non-exhaustive list):

– Stress, anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion
– Seasonal allergies
– Regaining a comfortable transit and digestion
– Depression, melancholy, apathy, concentration problems, difficult life stages
– Sleep disorders
– Supporting and strengthening the body and immune system

By whom  ?
Sixtine has always been driven by the vocation to help and understand others.

Her degree in psychology gave her a better understanding of the human being and gave her solid tools to support him/her in his/her development.

Then she studied at EPSN where she obtained her naturopathic diploma in European Traditional Medicine.

She offers you a personalized support, whatever your goals are, to help you restore or strengthen your health and help you cope during difficult times.

Fees  :
The hourly rate cost of an hour is CHF 120.-*
* Refunded by most complementary insurance from January 2020. Special rate to discuss for people without insurance

Contact  :
The consultations are held in Anières or in the city center (at Place Bel-Air)

Tel  : +41 79  580 84 39
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