According to naturopathy any pathology or disorder comes from an accumulation of toxins within the body. The goal of this practice is to find the root causes of the disorders you suffer from and to correct them in depth by stimulating the self-healing process of your body.

The main tools of naturopathy are nutrition, phytotherapy (mother tincture, EPS, spagyrie, gemmotherapy, Bach flowers …), micronutrition (oligoelements, Shussler salts, vitamins ..), as well as a personalized support to help you regain a healthy lifestyle.

These various methods combine to help you rebalance your entire body : physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

By whom  ?
Sixtine has always been driven by the vocation to help and understand others.

Her degree in psychology gave her a better understanding of the human being and gave her solid tools to support him/her in his/her development.

Then she studied at EPSN where she obtained her naturopathic diploma in European Traditional Medicine.

She offers you a personalized support, whatever your goals are, to help you restore or strengthen your health and help you cope during difficult times.

Fees  :
The hourly rate cost of an hour is CHF 120.-*
* Refunded by most complementary insurance from January 2020. Special rate to discuss for people without insurance

Contact  :
The consultations are held in Anières or in the city center (at Place Bel-Air)

Tel  : +41 79  580 84 39
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