Collaborative law

Collaborative Law is a new approach to conflict management and settlement of disputes to which collaborate lawyers and clients. It is recommended for those wishing to be able to settle their dispute by consensus whilst enjoying the support and expertise of a lawyer.

This method applies to any problem related to family, inheritance, real property, leases and rents, neighbourhood, health, company and association of persons, business, trade and, generally, to any type of bipartite or multi-party conflicts relating to private, family or commercial interests.

According to this approach, attorneys and clients, work altogether as a team with the aim of reaching a satisfactory agreement. Lawyers are not adversaries but nevertheless have the primary responsibility to legally advise and support their clients in the negotiation of an agreement. Thus, between two sessions, each party individually meets his lawyer to benefit from his advice and legal advice and to prepare the next joint session.

Collaborative Law allows, if necessary, the participation of experts (accountant, coach, psychologist, etc.); we can also act as a simple coach.

To initiate the process, each of the parties shall be assisted by a lawyer practicing this approach, knowing that the latter shall withdraw, in case they fail to reach a settlement agreement and decide to bring the case before the Courts. We have at your disposal a list of Collaborative lawyers practising in French-speaking Switzerland whose we are part of.

Esprit d’entente also offers basic training for professionals interested in this method of participatory conflict management.