Preventing and managing of psychosocial risks in the workplace

Any company has the obligation to ensure respect for the personal integrity of its employees according to a recent decision from the Swiss Supreme Court.

This obligation focuses on three areas :

  1. Prevention :

Every company has a duty to provide its employees with confidential and accessible means to prevent, defuse or resolve a conflict or difficult situation in the workplace.

On this subject, we have been offering to Swiss companies and institutions (private or public) services such as

  1. Psychosocial risks management :

The company must set up a formal framework providing procedures dedicated to the prevention and management of psychosocial risks.

In this regard our experience and skills, especially in law, enable us to assist in :

  1. Training :

Despite having an important role to play in the protection of the personality of employees, managers sometimes lack resources on relational or psychosocial issues.

In this context, the company has a duty to make them aware of theses issues, especially regarding the importance of the role they have to play in this respect.

Thanks to our experience in mediation, coaching and the training of adults and students, we propose to managers :