Family mediation

Family mediation deals with conflicts that arise within the family.

Who is concerned?

  • Couples in situations of breakup, separation or divorce
  • Parents disagreeing on children’s education
  • Communication problems
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Teenagers in conflict with their parents
  • Heirs looking for the apportionment of assets
  • Difficulties arising within blended families
  • Etc.

In which situations ?

  • Organizing reception of children in separation situations
  • Post separation/divorce issues
  • Re-establishing relationships
  • Divorcing by mutual consent
  • Finding financial arrangements.
  • Agreeing on the placing in care of an elderly parent
  • Discussing young adults’ support allowance
  • Apportioning assets
  • Managing parent-teenager disputes over going out
  • Etc.

We are able to assist individually, as mediator, or, together, as co-mediators as well as collaborative lawyer and/or coach.