Evaluation by means of investigation and audit in case of complaints for alleged violations to personal integrity

When a conflict could not be resolved, when a situation evolves into harassment or mobbing, during malfunctions or questions of liability, the company has a legal obligation to act. By failing to intervene, the company indeed violates its obligation of protection of the personality of the worker and is subject to a claim for damages.
These situations difficult, often delicate and complicated to solve, justify the use of experts whose findings may enable the company to decide on the measures which are needed.

An external expert guarantees total independence and impartiality.

Working environment Audit

The audit on the working environment allows the mapping and identifying of psychosocial risks related to the workplace  in order to better understand and to prevent the recurrence of conflicting situations and/or issues.

  • When should this be done ?

A preventive analysis enables to gradually see the flaws in workplace climate and gives the company the opportunity to provide solutions to the problems before they turn into real emergency situations !

  • By whom ?

An external intervention provides a guarantee of neutrality and ensures an objective and confidential analysis.

  • For what purpose ?

The results of the audit allows to assess the compliance of the working environment with legal requirements for health and welfare at work. To this end, the report highlights facts and situations to be aware and mindful of. It draws attention to the causes of psychosocial risks and thus facilitates the search for solutions.